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Built for Travelers

MyTravelAccessTM is for people who have high-speed access at home and need a reliable way to connect when traveling.

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Looking for a Multi-User Corporate Account?

Visit Managing employees on the road has never been easier, or less expensive.

Global Internet Access

  1. USA & Canada - 0.8 cents/min
  2. In over 70 countries - 4.8 cents/min
  3. Toll-free numbers - 4.8 cents/min
  4. Free Web Accelerator on all plans

The Remote Access Leaders

  1. Simply the best Global Internet Access solution
  2. Global ISP - Get connected anytime anywhere
  3. Dependable, reliable connection
  4. Toll-Free Dial-up
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  1. Buy time only when you need it
  2. Time rolls over for up to one year
  3. No monthly fees or setup fees
  4. Great for temporary access or backup
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  1. Windows, Macintosh, Linux, PDAs, etc.
  2. Off-line phone book of access numbers
  3. Online account management
  4. Designed for travelers
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MyTravelAccess is a Global ISP. Global ISPs are much like regular ISPs, with the exception that they have POPs, or Points Of Presence (local access numbers) that can be used around the world to provide International Internet Access. The Global Internet Access provided by MyTravelAccess can be used in over 70 different countries. This extended coverage makes MyTravelAccess one of the largest International Internet Access providers.

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